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CURRENT: Kathryn Towner, Owner, President, WinCommunications

Memorial: Greg Goaley, Founder, WinCommunications

Greg Goaley created compelling web copy & striking web design to drive new business and better serve customers.

Greg was founder and President of WinCommunications. He was an Internet and digital media consultant, writer and content provider who created and directed editorial, marketing projects and digital media content for clients in marketing, publishing, manufacturing, agriculture, insurance and finance.  Greg began his career on the editorial copy desk at The Des Moines Register, and as Coordinator of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, a media and business lobbying group based at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.  He went on to write and direct training and marketing campaigns for American Republic Insurance Company, before becoming a direct marketing copywriter for professional liability clients at Kirke-Van Orsdel, Incorporated, then the largest insurance administrator in the world (later Marsh).  Greg earned his Master’s degree in Mass Communication Law, Information Policy and Marketing from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.  Greg was also active in youth coaching, and will long be remembered for his passion for football. Greg and Kathy have two sons Ben Goaley and Jonah Goaley.

Kathryn Towner, Owner, President, WinCommunications

Kathryn Towner is an experienced professional and expert in email marketing. As founder of the email marketing service WinM@il, she has served as adviser, designer, and publisher of email campaigns and newsletters for companies around the region and around the country. A proud journalism graduate of Iowa State University, Kathy is a veteran in the publishing industry. Prior to joining WinCommunications with her husband and co-owner Greg Goaley, Kathy spent 15 years in publishing with the McGraw Hill Companies, including over a decade selling web-based products and training professors how to use the Internet for educational purposes.

Kathy was named Woman Business Owner of the Year in Iowa. She served nearly a decade as the Publicity Chair for the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and is active in the group’s pursuit to improve Iowa’s status in the nation for women owned businesses.

Kathy tweets regularly on the topic of email marketing. Follow @katwired.