Holy HoloStudio: Microsoft CAN Innovate!

Blow-Your-Mind Time: HoloStudio & HoloLens Emerge To Bend Laws of Physics & Light
Just sample this likely game-changing HoloStudio and HoloLens headset computer — only a 1-1/2 minute segment from the BBC — and then we will cover the otherworldly but clearly possible changes in computing as we now know it:


Windows 10? WHAT Windows 10?
In an ironic role reversal, the new Windows 10 launch is the clear bridesmaid — whereas the Holo Studio Suite that comes with it, represents the dazzling, game-changing bride. http://tinyurl.com/l98n6y2

Microsoft As The Surprising Innovator, Versus The Acquisition Behemoth
Difficult as it is for this decades-long Apple disciple to acknowledge, Microsoft might have moved the pace of computing beyond all realm of belief before our own eyes, and could augment our sense of what is real or not as we have imagined for at least the last 50 years in computing.

Seems At Least As Important As YouTube, with Greater Promise
Stretching it? Consider: Almost straight out of the demonstration chute, the Holo Studio — platform/OS/app and possible-computing-life-changer — has amazed even this Microsoft critic and many others¬† This launch bears close resemblance to when I nearly fell over some 10 or more years ago at the possibility of consuming “all things media” just by visiting a little place called YouTube.

Holographic Heaven Beyond Google Glass
Launched last week, but in research and rendering since at least 2008, HoloStudio and HoloLens represent the promise of a Holographic Heaven beyond Google Glass (which is currently re-tooling its “glasses” likely in partial response to Microsoft’s salvo), and beyond the more famous Tupac hologram concert series. Somebody smart once trademarked the phrase, “This Changes Everything.” Well, “this” — from Microsoft of all places — just might.

Improving Star Wars But Practical Home & Work Life As Well
Never been a Star Wars geek, but remember Princess Leia of movie fame?¬† There was the hologram of the lovely princess, projected from the belly of the cute robot R2-D2, warning lovely Leia that danger lay ahead. But her image was just a one-dimensional projection of Leia and recording of her simply standing, leaning and speaking. By important contrast, HoloLens can project 3-D images of objects — and human avatars that look pretty darn real — into your current space, in real time.

Seemingly Endless Real-Life Applications
Strong manufacturers, large meeting planners, construction firms architects and others have for at least a decade widely used 3D modeling that features human avatar walk-throughs in future buildings, to collaborate on specifications for needs and possibilities that “wow” the client. Executives and engineers virtually walk through the computer-rendered building together, but in real-time and real space, no matter distance. HoloStudio and HoloLens development is making it “more real” and by that, a rendering of that person — replete with all human characteristics and physical attributes — looks to be possible with Holo. This is despite the challenge of getting middle or late adopters to wear a computer on their faces, or any wearable, but this is where computer science is taking us. Fast.

Closer & More Frequent Relationship Possibilities Previously Unmatched in Human History
Imagine a meeting with distant relatives and friends, and you are seeing them on your couch, and they are seeing you at their kitchen table. Or both places. Imagine visiting a sick friend in the hospital, the friend sees you, and you see him, either at home or from the hospital bed. Or both. Imagine simply visiting a close while blithely chatting on your patio — together, in real time and space, no matter where both of you are on the planet, or off-planet. This is power, folks: “Communication, no matter time and distance.” The smallest world ever, for better or worse, we have gotten there in many ways — smoke signals, bells, the Gutenberg Press, telegraph, telephony, digitally — and now Microsoft’s HoloStudio and HoloLens.

Greg Goaley, President of WinCommunications in Des Moines, Iowa, is a digital content strategist and provider, and Kathryn Towner is President of WinM@il USA, a 20-year permission-based email publications consultant and provider.