Older Web Sites Need WordPress for Customers with Mobile Devices

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Losing Mobile Customers
It’s important that any company or interest with a web site knows that if they do not have a custom-built site or one created with WordPress, then they are likely losing customers who increasingly rely on mobile devices most of the day. WinCommunications has built dozens of web sites with WordPress, which makes mobile content look good on phones or tablets. Nothing against “classic” sites that mobile devices can generate, but folks should know that mobile is still tricky — for your customers and prospects — without WordPress.

Four Tips To Build Positive Relationships with Your Mobile Audience:
• Get Customer Permission
• Understand the Customer
• Know Your Audience
• Be Relevant: Right Person, Right Message, Right Moment

Greg Goaley, President of WinCommunications in Des Moines, Iowa, is a digital content strategist and provider, and Kathryn Towner is President of WinM@il USA, a 20-year permission-based email publications consultant and provider.